Sunday, December 12, 2004

from With by Donald Harington

"What's bored. Bored is when you caint find something to keep you curious. So long as there's anything going on in the world, I'll never be bored....You just aint looking fo rit. Or you caint see it. Or caint hear it. Or caint taste it or smell it or feel it. Why there aint a moment goes by that something wondrous don't occur...Like a orange garden spider building her web. Or like the wind a-slewing through the cedars. Or the sound of them dogs afar off a-hrolfing and a-hrothgaring as they chase their game. Or the lightning bugs all over the meader at dusky dark. Or the fine smell of oak wood fresh cut. Or the sweet breeze that puffs from your nose when you're a-sleeping." spoken by Adam Madewell's in-habit (306-7)


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